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orur logoOur Parent Organization: ORUR

 (St George Pathfinders)

The Organization of Russian Youth Scouts (ORUR), registered in the US as "St. George Pathfinders", is an international scouting organization for Russian and Russian-speaking kids.  For many years this organization was banned in the USSR, and thus existed for the emegre/exile community.  However, since 1990, the organization has been functioning very successfully back in Russia.

Currently there are four chapters in the US, in Washington DC, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

The program is somewaht similar to the Boy Scouts of America program, however learning about Russian culture, history, and the Russian Orthodox faith is also incorporated. In addition, our program is co-educational from the earliest ages, and both boys and girls participate as equal partners.

You can learn more about ORUR HERE .

Our Chapter: Druzhina Putivl

(National Capital Area Chapter)

Durzhina Putivl was founded in 1965, although at that time it was not a full chapter, but smaller group of kids, who participated in the summer camp of the Chapter in New York.

In 1971 the work of the group expanded, and a full yearly program began, as new families joined.  By 1977 the group had grown large enough to qualify as a full fledged Chapter, and was given the name "Druzhina Putivl".  Putivl is an ancient Russian City, and is referred to in the "Lay of the Host of Igor",  an epic poem well known in Russia and abroad, the basis for the opera "Prince Igor".

Currently the chapter consists of two troops ("Prince Igor" for the boys, and "Yaroslavna" for the girls), and a cubscout/brownie (squirrel) pack called "Knyazichi".  Meetings are held roughly every other week on Saturdays, and include such activities as games, Patrol competitions, learning scouting skills such as knot tying, map and compass work and morse code, as well as lessons in Russian history, culture and religion. During the year the kids also go on hikes and campouts, carolling in retirement and nursing homes at Christmastime, "Honor Guard" at the tomb of Christ on Easter, and such adventure activities as ski trips, white water canoeing, caving, bike-hikes and other exciting outings. 

Every summer the Chapter goes into the wilds of western VA for a two week camping trip (we don't like to call it a "camp", since this is not something anyone can sign up for without participating during the year.. nor are there any facilities other than land rented from a farmer).  There the kids build everything from kitchen tables to camp gateways to latrines, hike, study for rank advancement and and sing at campfires.  But most importantly, the group forms very close bonds in camp, which last a lifetime: many of our current leaders are former scouts who never left the fold, or returned with their own kids, drawn to the campfire by their shared memories and friendships.